Lesley started Stella's Bones as a dog cookie company and jokingly she said that because they'd recently adopted a Great Pyrenees/German Shepherd puppy that they'd need the extra money to keep the puppy, Stella, in bones.

Prior to deciding to work with animals full time, Lesley was a family law attorney in the Springfield area. Being an attorney seemed like the ideal job initially, but practicing family law made her realize she liked animals far more than she liked people. Transitioning from the practice of law to being an animal care giver was the best decision ever.

Stella was born in July 2015. Her parents were a Great Pyrenees mother and a German Shepherd dad. As you may have guessed, she sheds. A lot. She enjoys barking, playing with her sisters and barkng some more.

Like Lesley, her husband, Jody, did a transition from being an Aircraft Mechanic in the Air Force to being a IT professional to becoming a dog groomer.

If for some reason, Lesley is unable to make it to a visit, he will be the back up sitter/walker. When available, he accompanies Lesley on jobs so that he gets to know many of the dogs and cats under Lesley's care.

The rest of the time, he's busy in the Big Blue Dog grooming dogs.

And because we can't possibly leave them out, here are our other two pups, Lilith and Dinah.