Daily (or not) Walks

30 minute visit
$23 per visit
$23 per visit
45 minute visit
$30 per visit
$30 per visit
60 minute visit
$35 per visit
$35 per visit

* Visits requested to begin between 8:00 pm and 9:30 am are considered off-hours and will incur an additional charge of $5 per visit.

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Daily walks for your dogs while you're at work will give them a way to burn off energy and have some mental stimulation from seeing the sights and sniffing all the smells around the neighborhood.

Daily walks are normally completed between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm, but because of the nature of dog walking I may be running late or early, depending on the dogs scheduled before you.

Walks are always private, just your dogs and me. We explore the neighborhood together, finding all the best places to sniff and to pee. (Disclaimer: I won't actually be doing either the sniffing or peeing, but I'll cheer your pup on!). If the weather is bad, we will go out for a short walk to take care of business and then return inside and play or cuddle for the remaining time of the visit.

Dogs should have a six foot leash (not a retractable leash) and a sturdy collar or harness. I prefer front clip harnesses, especially if your dog is prone to pulling. If you need help choosing a harness or a leash, I would be happy to make suggestions based on my experience.

Stella's Bones Pet Sitting & Dog Walking serves West Springfield, Westfield, Agawam, Feeding Hills and Holyoke, Massachusetts. For jobs outside of this service area, there is a $5.00 surcharge per visit. Please email me or give me a call at (413) 221-5470 to inquire about out of area availability.

Food Dogs Should Avoid

When I was growing up, back in the dark ages, my first dog was an outdoor dog. He lived outdoors and came in rarely, mostly when the weather was freezing. Now when I look back at those days, I marvel at how much things have changed. My dogs not only live inside with the family, they share our furniture and our beds.

Whether or not sharing a bed is a good idea, that’s another blog post for another time. In my house, we treat our dogs as family members and like to share the experiences of the holidays with them.

That includes feasting, right? Well, that’s something we should definitely think twice about.

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