Overnight Pet Sitting

Vacations and pets don't always go together. If you can't take your pet with you, I have several options for vacation pet care depending on the type of pet. If medications are required, I can give those to your pet, including insulin injections. While you are away, you will receive pictures and updates at least once per day.

I do ask that upon your return from vacation you text me or email me through the web portal to let me know you're home so I won't worry that you got delayed.

Not interested in overnight visits? Check out our Vacation Pet Sitting page multiple visits per day rates.

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For overnight visits, I have two different options. One option is a 12 hour overnight visit starting at 8 pm and ending at 8 am. Most often this overnight visit is combined with mid-day visits during the remaining 12 hours. This table shows the cost per day of the 12 hour visit alone, and the 12 hour visit with 1 additional visit.
12 Hour Overnight Visits
8 pm to 8 am $69 per day
with 1 mid-day visit
$92 per day
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The second option for overnights is a 16 hour visit that starts at 6 pm and ends at 10 am. This option mirrors your pet's every day schedule. I will be away from the home for 8 hours and then I return to spend the evening and night with them. This is usually accompanied by one mid-day visit about 2 pm. With one mid-day visit, your pet won't be home alone for more than four hours at a time.
16 Hour Overnight Visits
6 pm to 10 am $92 per day
with 1 mid-day visit
$115 per day

Stella's Bones Pet Sitting & Dog Walking serves West Springfield, Westfield, Agawam, Feeding Hills and Holyoke, Massachusetts. For jobs outside of this service area, there is a $5.00 surcharge per visit. Please email me or give me a call at (413) 221-5470 to inquire about out of area availability.

I love that Lesley sends check ins after each visit and offers a variety of services and ways to pay.
Lesley has been a perfect fit for our family. My sister was needing some fairly long term pet care and Lesley is amazing. She immediately took to the 3 cats and they to her.
She works with all manner of critters and provides them with the absolute best care. I trust her implicitly with my cat, who just loves her. You can tell that this isn't a job to Lesley, it's a vocation.